June 20th, 2017, 11:04 UTC

Rust Petnames

Petname library in Rust

2½ years ago Dustin Kirkland introduced the petname tool and libraries for Python and Go. Now there’s also a Rust library and command-line tool.

It’s developed on GitHub, published on crates.io, and the documentation is at docs.rs.

Install the command-line tool with cargo install petname. If you don’t have cargo yet, install Rust and you’ll have it.

If you want to use it in your own Rust project, add petname = "" to your Cargo.toml in the [dependencies] section.

It’s published under the Apache License 2.0, the same as the other petname libraries.

This version of petname is simple, like its siblings. I put it together to keep my hand in with Rust, but it’s useful and convenient too, just as the original petname libraries are.

If there’s something missing or you find a bug, either create a new issue on GitHub or create a pull request with your changes.