Paying for Google stuff after moving country

Frustrating is a polite way to describe it

I moved from the UK to Luxembourg. My Google Drive subscription was being paid from a UK credit-card, and I wanted to move it to my Luxembourg credit-card. I added this card to my Google Payments profile, but Google still wanted to bill me in UK pounds. That’s okay and would work, but I wanted to switch to euros to make my tax declaration easier.

After a couple of hours of trying different approaches, reading support forums, looking at Google’s mostly unhelpful support pages, and trying some more, I had to:

  1. Create a new Google Payments profile for Luxembourg,
  2. Add the Luxembourg credit-card again (noting that although the UK profile supports Paypal accounts, the Luxembourg profile does not – this could be a problem down the road),
  3. Cancel the Google Drive subscription.
  4. Permanently close the UK payments profile.
  5. Resubscribe to Google Drive (this took a few attempts because the back-end systems seemed to be confused for a while).

So, that UK payments profile is now gone, and have lost all of its billing information and payment history. I have a feeling that some edge cases will reveal themselves in time, probably around DRM or geo-fencing, two of the most vile terms in the technical lexicon.

I got an email from

You’ve closed your Google payments profile … If you didn’t authorise this change, or if you closed this profile by mistake, please contact us within 30 days, otherwise we will permanently close this payment profile on 14 July 2018.

Thinking I might be able to get the UK profile back again, I followed the link to find myself on a mostly useless support page. I clicked “find the phone number” and:

  • The number for the UK can only be called from within the UK,
  • The advice for Other countries is broken: it says “Click Contact Us” but there’s no Contact Us button or link.

I’m annoyed, frustrated, and powerless. My complaints are the tiniest and most insignificant pin-prick to the Google behemoth; this all seems rather futile. Google, make it better?